Founder's Bio

Chuck Blackburn grew up and graduated from college in Texas. He and his wife live in beautiful Brentwood, Tennessee. Chuck has been a fan of bow ties all his life. Bow ties are not a passing fancy, but a statement of individuality.  
Decades ago he 
owned a manufacturers' rep firm selling fine tailored clothing, accessories, and high quality neckwear, including bow ties, to the men's specialty shops in a 12 state area surrounding Chicago. Chuck became aware then, that more often than not, manufacturers and specialty shop owners treated bow ties as an afterthought; a by-product to the long silk"bibs" most men wore. Bow ties were most often made from left-over silk from the cutting room floor.  Both wholesale and retail markups were much greater than long ties. Manufacturers and retailers did this because bow tie wearers' strong preference and lack credible information or variety of choice...until now with the advent of the Internet and your membership in the Internatiomal Bow Tie Society. Welcome aboard if you even half-way agree with anything you read here so far. Join now, if you haven't already!